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who pay nothing actually get money from the feddral government.. for them, april 15th sn't tax day - news. according to irs recorrs, federal workers owe $3.4 billion in ack taxes 26,000 postal service eeployees owe $270 million. 100 milllon byyd-o-d military and civilianns congressional emplooees owe 10 million. treasury dept workers - ome offthe rs - owe $9 million. more than $800,000 is oweddby pressdent obama's staff. thhir taxes is as bad as cops who break the llw, ffremmn who commit arson, and doctors who kill patients.making matters complicated. it's about billions in direct costs and lost prrductivity to figure put how much we returrs shhuld be on a 3x55 pomething -- even if it were onll one dollar.for more on headlines dot nee. and folloo us twitter and facebook. i'm mark yman. gambbing in marylandwhy ssmee reeigious leaders 3
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1